#HSfeminism is back on the blog in 2021

The last time our readers enjoyed our postings was when the New York City-based high school feminists who run this site through my women of color feminisms class drafted their posts in December 2018 and published them in January 2019. Then the next group of juniors and seniors who took my elective course starting in September 2019 decided to create vlogs instead of blog posts, a video experiment that we kept offline.

Since then, our important intersectional feminist digital activism on this site was further interrupted by the pandemic, and the students who took my high school feminism class in the fall of 2020 created an excellent podcast instead. We worked with Chicago-based Latina feminist, Veronica Arreola, to make that podcast and a year later, it is still evergreen and relevant to addressing why taking a feminism class in high school, including during a pandemic, is absolutely critical for addressing the intersecting struggles of racism and sexism, homophobia and transphobia, classism and xenophobia, and all forms of religious discrimination such as Islamophobia and anti-Semitism.

#HSfeminism is about learning critical feminist genealogies and theories and applying them to understanding both ourselves and the issues we care about most for transformative change and justice. As in the past, my students’ blog posts this year powerfully address multiple ways in which we need to commit ourselves to dismantling systems of oppression by addressing a range of issues from internalized racism and colorism to hook-up culture in schools to toxic masculinity to trans-exclusionary feminisms to the ravages of post-Trump America.

We encourage you to listen to that 2020 podcast and to read the posts from this year’s high school feminism class of 2021. We are pandemic feminists who won’t stop.

Keep fighting the good fight.

This year’s #HSfeminism class 2021 reading Audre Lorde’s Sister Outsider.

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