Natalie Barney tells women to make their own decision.

If I were to write a blogpost about another woman rather than Natalie Barney, I would have

Natalie Barney showing her beauty

picked a different picture and I probably would have started my post differently. However, what sticks out the most for me about Natalie Barney is how outgoing, against the flow she is and the comfort she has in her sexuality. Not only did she know that she was a lesbian at the age of twelve, but she is also known for her many relationships. And it fascinates me, how a woman could have had so many partners and accept it.

Women are usually objectified into this “thing” that can only give out pleasure to men but never receive it. This is something that fascinates me a lot. Here I am believing that all women from the old days saw orgasms as a myth and here comes Natalie Barney that slaps me in the face to tell me that no, women were not all rigid in the old days. In that same analogy, I believe that she was telling men of her time period, that women do experience pleasure when done properly. I am sure that she was judged, looked down upon by men of her time because of her multiple relationships and how she was so different from the other women, but I think that what she was doing was starting a little revolution. She was maybe doing it unconsciously or not, but this is what stands out the most to me.

When I read that she was opposed to monogamy, I started questioning why women who were in multiple relationships were viewed so negatively -if a woman does not believe in monogamy, she should feel restricted to the norms of society,- not even comparing to how polygamy is glorified in the World of Men. But blankly, why can’t women be polygamists, why would they be seen as sluts and most importantly why do we let the critics affect us. Natalie Barney’s strength was that she did not let anything get to her, she was enjoying life and all the ways and was no ready to accept whatever was thrown at her; this was noticed at a young a age. She was quite a catch; she was strikingly beautiful, with magnificent hair and dreamy eyes and took control of her life.
What I found the most amusing is how she seduced the most famous courtesan in Paris, Liane de Pougy, by dressing up as a page and presenting herself at the woman’s house. So many men were trying to conquer her heart and here comes Natalie Barney and she easily puts herself at the top of Liane de Pougy’s list. Not only did it work, but Liane de Pougy wrote a book about their affair.

Everything I read about Natalie Barney made me smile and made me hope that I could be more like her. She did not care about what others thought of her or a family. As a matter of fact when she found out that she was a lesbian, she had no intention of keeping it a secret. She did not care that she was part of the wealthiest families in Washington D.C and that she had to maintain an image. To the contrary, as the rebellious and unconventional daughter of one of the wealthiest families in Washington, D.C., she was often mentioned in Washington’s newspapers. I believe that the most important article was the one about how she rode a horse astride instead of sidesaddle.

I could have showed a different side of Natalie Barney, her artistic side. However, I chose this side because I would like to continue to fire that she had once started.

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