Your Halloween Costume is…Interesting

I’ve never gone to New York’s Village Halloween Parade before, but with a little pressure from my friends, I decided to go check it out. The streets were extremely crowded and my claustrophobic self was getting a little nervous. However, it was a good time to utilize my newly acquired feminist skills. With all the sexualized, objectifying, and even offensive costumes, it wasn’t too difficult to employ these skills. I saw so many girls wearing practically half a costume, who acted as though they were not bothered by the cold weather. There was a lot of skin showing and there was one costume that stood out to me. There was one young woman wearing underwear and a white T-shirt that said “Pre-K Prostitute.” Why anyone would relate 4-year-old girls with prostitutes is something that I cannot comprehend. Furthermore, the fact that someone would think this is a good costume truly bothers me.

After working with the organization GEMS, I have a different view of prostitution or rather the commercial sexual exploitation of children. The average age that girls are trafficked and commercially exploited is 12. Therefore the fact that the phrase “Pre-K Prostitute” troubled me should be very understandable. I felt as though her “costume” was mocking the young age of sexually exploited children, which is definitely not something we should laugh at. I don’t know what the woman thought when she put on her costume and probably never will, thus I am only left to wonder. I believe that there’s a big difference between girls trying to look pretty on Halloween and girls who are essentially “wearing sexism.”

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