Voice Through Video

The moments that have resonated with me were when in the first session we looked at the different perspectives of the story, and also when in the second session when we watched the video. I found that the story resonated with me because it was interesting how there can be so many different perspectives on a situation, that the truth and reality are usually skewed. In each story a different person was blamed for what happened to the baby, and this made it hard to see the truth in a single individual story. However if you were to combine all of the different points of view to make one story then that story would be the closest to holding truth. The video from the second session resonated with me because it was so emotionally powerful. The video also showed how the area of being sexually assaulted can be in a gray zone and people may be unsure how to handle it. I found it was also very interesting to see a true story and then have the person it was about talking to us. I also felt the video addressed ideas that are generally unspoken and therefore felt good to hear out and be talked about.

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