Response to Nancy Schwartzman’s “The Line”

A moment that stuck with me from today’s workshops was a quote from the film “The Line” by Nancy Schwartzman. Social activist and former football player, Don McPherson, claims that we raise women to survive in a rape culture. I completely agree with McPherson’s statement and believe that this message should be better known. In our society we were brought up thinking that if a female gets sexually assaulted, she did something wrong; she was drinking, her clothes were too tight, she shouldn’t have walked down that street etc. Why does our society find it easier to blame the girl than the guy who assaulted her? How come not only our community but also our judicial system finds ways to hold the girl accountable for somebody else’s actions? Indeed, I believe that it is important to teach girls how to protect themselves and try to avoid this kind of situations. However, it is just as important if not more, to let the girls know that this is not their fault. Nothing justifies rape and sexual assaults, and surely the girl should not be held responsible for these occurrences. Therefore, instead of focusing on how girls can prevent being victims of such abuse, we should focus on preventing men from becoming the violators of this abuse.

2 thoughts on “Response to Nancy Schwartzman’s “The Line”

  1. I completely agree. In today’s world, we put a lot of the blame for a lot of things misplaced on women. From prostitution to the victims of sexual assault, it seems that our empathy and sympathy sometimes as a society lie along the wrong line. How is it a man can be caught for buying and paying for a prostitute and end up with no blemish on his record, but a prostitute will never be able to work some jobs again? It is a flaw in the system which is slowly working towards new beginnings with groups like GEMS and others helping these victims every day. Yet we must understand that there is big gender inequality playing out every day in favor of men which needs to be addressed and reformed.

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