Patterns in Advertisements: Male and Female Roles in Society

What stood out for me most out of all the sessions today were the “ subliminal messages” in advertisements. I say “ subliminal messages” for lack of a better term, but they are symbolisms that are meant to target a specific audience, using sexism, racism, classism, etc. Andrea showed us advertisements from a parents’ magazine, depicting girls and boys doing, what symbolize, male and female roles. Seeing all those images made me think about advertisements in daily life. Although they may not be directly sexist, and each individual photo does not mean something bad, put together, they represent a “ pattern” that Andrea brought up. Showing advertisements that follow the same trend can lead to very damaging results, in the world’ s future. The trends and patterns that I am speaking of are male and female roles in society, that are automatically assumed because of the media and advertisements. Women are “ supposed” to be more closeted and safe by staying at home and learning more modest things, while men are expected to be outdoorsy and more adventurous. We see these images little by little in the media and advertisements, but they make the most affect if these themes become trends or patterns. From this part of the session with Andrea, I learned how male and female roles are assumed in this society. Advertisement companies use a type of subliminal messaging, probably unintentionally nowadays, that eventually teach us what a man and woman should be doing. From these little hints in everyday life (which is what advertisements have become, all over the world: everyday) our mind picks up on these things, and eventually teaches us what we should be doing by sex, which becomes what is accepted and unaccepted in our society.

One thought on “Patterns in Advertisements: Male and Female Roles in Society

  1. I totally agree with you! Another thing is that they often times gives these ‘subliminal messages’ about other things like ‘there is never a limit on how sexy you are, because then you’ll be surrounded by a bunch of hot naked men around you’. It just creates more sexualized images of things that are SO unrelated. With the image of one girl and a group of men, where the woman is ‘sexy’, it gives off the image that 1. the woman is a whore and 2.she has no power.

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