How Media Affects Children

One moment that resonated with me was when we discussed how young African-American girls weren’t depicted in youths media. This stayed with me because it is something that is very apparent to me and something that has affected me. The lack of African-Americans in children’s media is something that only affected me, but affected millions of other little African-American girls whether they now realize it or not and it is something that continues to affect the African-American youth of today. While growing up I had no Disney character that resembled me and the way I looked all I saw were white princesses so those stories never matter or affected me. My family was never big on Halloween, but for the few years I did dress up the only character I would ever dress up as was Pocahontas. It took Disney over 80 years to produced a African-American princess story. But while I was growing up she was the only character with an ounce of color on her, and for that she was the only character I felt I could dress up as. I could not be Sleeping Beauty, or Beauty from Beauty and the Beast, I hardly even remember those stories because even though I didn’t realize it at the time, those movies meant nothing to me, because they contained nothing of me.

One thought on “How Media Affects Children

  1. It’s interesting because even in Pocahontas, she falls in love with a white, blond man. And I remember in 10th grade English Ileana mentioning (and I agree) that Pocahontas to a degree is exoticized with drops of sexualization.

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