SPARK Summit: Male Allies All the Way!

During the SPARK Summit, I spent most of my time at the male ally station.  What was my and all the rest of the male allies purpose there?  Well, we were just being allies really.  We decided that it was time to play the opposite role men usually play and listen to what women had to say.  We had a great wall behind us covered with paper for which we had women write questions they had for men.  Anything they wanted to ask they were able to either record on video or write themselves.  The point of the whole thing was so we could at the end of the Summit we would collect all the questions and post them online so other men as well as ourselves could answer them.

What was the most interesting thing about my day?  The answer is it was really important for me as a male to see the kinds of things that women are thinking about.  Being that I am not a woman how am I supposed to resonate with any of the emotions that women have towards men?  I can’t, so the next best thing I can do is listen and try to understand as well as I can.  In the end that’s one of the biggest things a male ally supporter of feminism can do.  The other thing is spread the knowledge.  Talk to your friends, talk to relatives, and converse with anyone you can.

One thought on “SPARK Summit: Male Allies All the Way!

  1. I think what you, Stephen, and a group of other boys did is extremely important. I am sure that many girls found it comforting and refreshing to see the male ally station. It shows that women are not alone because this isn’t a fight between the genders. It is also a place where girls could get the male perspective on all these issues, something that wasn’t available anywhere else in the conference.
    I would really like to see the website where all the questions are posted and answered.

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