Street Theater at the SPARK Summit

Street Theater was an eye opening experience. In writing my own “monologue,” I opened up more about what “pisses me off” and what I could say to that. To me, I hate when a guy will hit on me on the street. I can never truly say what I want to say to the men who stare, because I do not know if they are dangerous or not. I found a way to express my true feelings towards that. Even if my friends did that I know that it is not right to flirt with me in any way. A person should respect another persons lines, and if they do not respect those lines then they obviously do not care about you and your comfort zone. A person like that is not worth your time or anyone’s time for that matter. Quite frankly the stupidity of people amazes me due to the fact that they don’t realize that what they do pisses people off. Street theater definitely gave me a way to say what I wanted to say to all the sexual harassers I have come across.

2 thoughts on “Street Theater at the SPARK Summit

  1. It’s interesting you bring up the idea of “lines” and “respecting another person’s line.” It makes me think about where I draw my line for sexual harassment. For example, like you brought up, men who stare at me completely creep me out, especially when I am on the train and sitting across from a guy who is staring at me and then don’t even look away when I look at them. It disgusts me and makes me very uncomfortable. I feel as if they are grilling me and my body, and therefore only viewing me as an object. It seems crazy to think that even a guy not saying anything to you or not even touching you could be sexually harassing you. I guess where I draw my line of sexual harassment is anything that makes me feel uncomfortable and something a guy does with bad intentions.

  2. I like the way you related your morning workshop from SPARk summit with the workshop we did earlier that week with Nancy Schwartzman. Her idea of “the line” is very interesting and I think it is important that we understand that everyone’s line is different and drawn in different places. I personally would rather be annoyed at a guy confronting me then to feel uncomfortable with a guy staring at me. I usually make it clear that I don’t want to be bothered when I am approached (the level of respect and annoyance varies based on their approach), but when someone is staring I feel like I can’t confront them the same way I would with people that actually approach me. I am still working on how to deal with the starers and I’ll be sure to let you know when I find an effective way to fend them off.

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