What makes a political movement powerful?

What makes a political movement powerful?  Great activists like Ghandi, Martin Luther King Jr, and Kurt Vonnegut, address their issues differently and utilize different tools in order to further their cause.  They successfully articulate their point of view and galvanize others into action.  They are all successful, yet none are viewed as preachy, whiney, or otherwise unjust.  What actions specifically led them to be viewed this way in society? What can we learn from them?

In addition, they teach us that there is a way to success without being dominant, without being domineering dictators.  They teach that you can lead in peace and in parody.

To me feminism is equality in society in more ways than just male and female.  How can you possibly be a feminist while still maintaining, or rather, striving for, dominance?

In class yesterday, Nancy Schwartzman said that viewers told her that the message taken from her movie should be to go to the cops about rape.  I disagreed with this feedback.   I am not saying that I think rape victims should avoid the justice system, because obviously they should utilize it to its full extent.  I am saying that the message received from her movie should be about finding peace in your self, about coming to terms with what happened to you, and about how, (with the help of your support system and the people that love you) moving on as a stronger woman.

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