Framing Media

I really enjoyed Andrea’s session today on media.  It gave me a different perspective on the ways the media is used, distorted, and portrays different stereotypes.  I never thought about how much images have an impact on what we think.  It was interesting to watch the commercials without any sound and only see the images, which most of the time had nothing to do with what they were saying.  However, the media knows that people mostly pay attention to the images we are seeing and within those images are subliminal messages.  I also found the idea of framing very interesting because the way in which we frame things has a major influence on how we perceive them.  Framing however, can also distort a lot of the messages the media portrays to the public.  For example, one moment that stood out to me today was when we looked at the two different pictures from Iraq during the breaking down of the statue.  It was interesting to see the two different pictures taken from two completely different perspectives.  The two pictures portrayed a completely opposite message.  This is how the media distorts a lot of the information they put out, by only showing and saying what they want the public to know and leaving a lot of other things left unsaid.

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