Anger on the Male Reaction to a Friend’s Violation

The thing that stuck out most to me today in class was Nancy Schwartzman’s short clip on what happened to her when she was 24. Most people are not able to share their stories like that, especially in such a public way. If people ever tell anyone, it’s only close friends and/or the police. Otherwise they won’t tell anyone what happened. I was shocked when she put in the voice over’s of the conversations she had with her friends and their responses. When her friend said he felt uncomfortable with her telling this, and then said, “I think you have a nice ass”, I was slightly, if not fairly, irritated. If Nancy trusted him enough to tell him and confide in him he should not have said that of all things. There is a possibility that if he said that in a different moment, she may have taken it as a compliment, but after she told him she was violated in that area, that is most likely the last thing that she wants to here. I respect that she was able to not only make this video and show it, she was able to confront him, as well as find someone who she truly cares about and loves and accepts her for who she is. I understand what she meant when she said that she did not want to go to the Jerusalem police based on what she thought their reaction would be. It is true that as American women, we are portrayed as “sluts and whores” at times. The fact that she said that she was afraid they would push her away only proves that we as Americans degrade women.

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