A Reflection on Sexual Consent and Rights from a New Angle

Our first day of the feminist minimester we explored how open are portrayed through the media and our rights in terms of sexual consent. Nancy Schwartzman’s movie, “The Line,” was especially resonated with me. The insight into the sexual rights that many men seem to assume over women is a topic I have never analyzed or questioned in depth. For Nancy Schwartsman to share her personal story was something that I feel stuck with me. For her to be able to share such as story about rape with us, in order to help us learn and understand better our rights and other respect necessary for us, is something I admire. I feel that the idea of stickers, and everyone writing down their line; their point to which they feel comfortable sexually, was great. To be able to see other ideas and personal limits,  triggering self-analysis and discussion. For us to be able to take a step back and reflect upon what our limits are was refreshing. To stop and take time to respect your right to say no, and respect others right to also say no is so key in being able to form relationships on a trust level. This excessive of writing down powerful phrases was something I haven’t forgotten, it was a great form of expression. To also be able to then take those stickers and spread their pictures in able to express to others the same idea again, helps to create an understand and respect to a further extent and to a wider audience. Both speakers were able to get my mind questioning thing that, once again, I was surprised I never mentioned. I think the second half of class resonated with me more because although I have had a stronger connection to the discussion of media portrayal of women, I have never before been able to discuss woman’s right in terms of sexual relationships to say no, and set their boundaries of comfort.

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