Perspectives on rape: the scary reality

What moment stuck out for me in today’s session?  Well the truth is I left mini-mester today with so many things to think about it would be hard to pick one.  Yet when I think about it all, I know the exact moment which I would choose to analyze further for myself.  It was during the film at which point Nancy, the victim and main character, had already returned to Jerusalem to confront her “rapist”.  She wired herself up and hid a camera on herself in preparation for the encounter.  Her objective was to record the way, the man she feared most, viewed the night that changed her life.  It was a climactic point in the film and it provided an important message of the film.  It was the fact that perspective is so important in every matter.  Her perspective and my perspective can be very different and what she says to mean yes or no could be completely different than my interpretation of her words and actions.  Everything can change in an instance for someone.  I could be with a woman and we could be enjoying ourselves and without the right communication I could make a very wrong move.  In fact I could do that very thing which was over the boundary and not even really know the consequences of my actions.  It is scary and adds to all the already overwhelming things there are to worry about.  The answer to this, one could say, is communication.  If communication is properly handled there should be no problems in that area.  Everything should be open and spoken about because it ends up healthier anyways.

One thought on “Perspectives on rape: the scary reality

  1. Going off on the point of perspectives, it relates to the session we had with iHollaback. How does a man and a woman see street harassment when they are the victim and what is the difference when they are the person doing it. I think it does makes us question what is being said and what isn’t being said.

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